About Us


 We are a small business that likes to deal with each client one-on-one.  Too much these days, companies, especially large ones, blanket their  products and services to cover everyone. "One size fits most" should be  most companies' motto. Not us. We have  gone to great legenths to learn this business, and feel that not only  do we offer a superior experience, but offer a wide array of products,  services, and tech support to fit everyone's needs AND budget! 


 We understand that many consumers are interested in Android Streaming Media (Kodi/TV Box sets), but do not know enough about it. Within this website, you should  always be able to easily find your answer to any question you have big  or small. If for some reason you cannot find an answer, we will either direct you to it, or answer you directly. In fact, there is a lot to learn about this service, but leave that to us.  We want you to be able  to receive your product(s), plug them in, and enjoy them. We are U.S. based (born and raised) and specifically aim our services to you, the  U.S. client 

You Are In Control

In conclusion, if you have any questions, check our "FAQ"  (Frequently Asked Questions) link, or check into our "VLOG"  link; also located at the top of this page. Even if you buy nothing  from us, this website is a valuable resource to gaining knowledge about  streaming  TV, and a chance to ask someone that has a lot of knowledge in this  field. Enjoy! Thank you for browsing our site!