Elysium is 100% down as of February 2018...THE FIX!!

This Vlog post describes how this morning February 8th 2018 the third party add-on Elysium went down along with Bob Unleashed. This video, also explains what you can do to remedy your situation.

My Elysium is not working...THE FIX!!

This blog post was created on January 8th 2018 to depict how the third party add-on Elysium is not working, and the remedy for it.

Top 10 secrets your Kodi, Amazon Fire stick, TV, Android box Developers do not want you to know!!!

This VLOG describes the 10 most well guarded secrets amongst developers of Kodi third-party apps, Amazon Fire Sticks, Amazon TV, Kodi set-top boxes, and other media streaming devices that developers do not want you to know!!!

Mobdro 2.0.58 is NOT safe unless you watch THIS video!!!

This video VLOG post explains how to make the newest version of the Mobdro application safe and anonymous.


This video describes the remedy for the newest update of Mobdro 2.0 .56 not working and how to revert back to the older version 2.0 .52 that does work.

Newest version of Mobdro (2.0.56) NOT WORKING!!!

This video describes the newest version of Mobdro updated today,  November 17th 2017, will not work on your Android streaming box. Do not,  I repeat do not update to the newest version yet! 

Easiest way to update Kodi

This video describes for not only usandroidtv customers, but anybody running Kodi, the absolute easiest way to make sure that you are running the latest version of the Kodi open media Source platform software.

Inputting the API key from TMDb on to Elysium.

This is also a part 7 video user manual video for the usandroidtv customer. For everyone else, this is an instructional video on how to input your newly obtained API key from TMDb into your Elysium add-on.

Getting a TMDb API Key for your Elysium Add-on.

Usandroidtv customers whom have purchased a box between June 1st 2017 through October 1st 2017, making your box work again. This is also a part 6 video user manual video. To all others, an informational video on obtaining an API key from TMDb to make your Elysium add-on inside of Kodi work.

My KODI doesn't work (usandroidtv build)- How to update to KODI 17.4 (Part 1)

This VLOG Post shows how to update to the most recent version of KODI 17.4.

KODI 17.4 Searching and saving to favorites on a usandroidtv build (Part 2)

This VLOG Post shows that even though parts of the unandroidtv build are unavailable (because of the  updating of KODI and Elysium), you can still search and save to your favorites.

Searching and saving to favorites on KODI when Elysium is down

This VLOG post is about being able to navigate through a usandroidtv box when the main add-on "Elysium" is down. This video also begins instructions on how to add to your favorites catagory.

Streaming on KODI. Sources, Sources, Sources!!! Picking the rest of the best!! (Part 2)

VLOG post on picking the most reliable source when Gvideo is not available.

Streaming Gvideo on KODI. Sources, Sources, Sources!!! Picking the best!!

VLOG post on picking the most reliable source to date (August 2017).

KODI Money in the bank, what your subscription providers don't want you to find out!

VLOG Post about saving money by switching to streaming media. Eliminate those Hulu and Netflix subscriptions, and cut that cable! The math adds up; save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year!!

Is KODI shutting down? Is Kodi illegal to use??

VLOG Post, me on my soapbox for all of you uninformed haters! Hate on... :-)

Jailbroken "Fully Loaded" (FAIL)  H96 Pro Android TV box

One of the many things we are talking about when we say, "you get what you pay for!"

Here's your $35 "Jailbroken" "Fully Loaded" Android box (TX-3 Pro) from eBay (FAIL)!!!

PSA To all of the haters out there insisting that you can get a Plug & Play authentic Android Streaming TV box for $35. Maybe you should spend less time hating and more time educating. (Yourself not others!)

For a real box visit:


Thanks for watching! :-)